Open working party on Labor Migration & achievement: moral Recruitment Criteria in Asha International

1. Respect for the laws of the countries during which the agency operates
2. No Fees for employees
3. Transparency in the hiring method
4. Transparency in wages and deductions
5. Job Safety
6. No Document seizure
7. Standards of Behavior for achievement Agency employees and contractile Agents

Examples of Asha International work include:
• Operating compliant achievement agencies in an Asian nation, Afghanistan, and different origin countries;
• Conducting analysis, building tools, and sharing proof of moral recruitment;
• Safe migration communications in dozens of states and end-to-end employee engagement.
• Engaging with world stakeholders – as well as a number of the world’s biggest brands – to create capability, awareness, and demand for moral achievement.
• Working with and providing property various bread and butter opportunities to vulnerable populations like migrant returnees.