Services could be slightly vary from one agency to another, most recruiting firms use an identical method. Asha international (P) Ltd. uses following method for the placement of the selected candidates.

1. Agreement
Since the Asha international (P) Ltd. select/train and supply the human resources to meet the need of the client, first of all the client (enlisting agency) need to reach into the agreement with Asha international to find the right candidates to meet the specific need of the clients. Where clients will have chance to put his expectations as well. In this preliminary agreement clients should have to disclose the number of needed work force, structured of benefit such as salary, working hours, rate for over time, availability of food and accommodation, period of the contract, renewal of the contract and other fringe benefits of the candidates.

2. Profiling
In this step, clients and the representative from Asha international will have meeting, where we are trying to know the specific need of the clients. In this meeting the clients will have chance to discuss on depth on their hiring wants such as the require positions, required skills, trainings for the proposed candidates. And we will enter into the detail agreement with all the documentation.

3. Sourcing/Locating
In this step we are mobilizing our network to find the right candidates. We collect the right candidates and forward their resume to our clients to make an arrangement to have the interviews.

4. Interviewing
The interview method will be of three-fold. First of all, we collect the candidates and have initial interview and verify their documentation. In this interview we will discuss about the company profile, fringe and benefits, and rules and regulation of the company etc. Then we will arrange for another initial interviews will be done by our clients to screening the candidates and their expertise. This interview can be done virtually or physically. Then Final Interviews will be done by our clients to finalize the candidates. In this interview our client will choose the smart candidates to meet his company’s objectives.

5. On-boarding
Once the final selection procedure has been done, the client shall issue the acceptance letter to our company and based on above we will provide final acceptance letter to the candidates. Selected candidates will be sent to the authorized Hospital or clinic for the medical examination. Based on the checkup reports we assure their physical fitness and accept them to sign the employment contract.

6. Travelling Agreement
The Asha international send the visa, passport to the airline to confirm the scheduled flight from Nepal to the nearest airport of the working site and land transportation will be managed to drop them in to the final destination.

7. Orientation
Orientation will be provided to the selected candidates before placement to familiarize them with the company, its culture, and the job they will be performing. This process helps increase the new employee’s familiarity with the company, which can result in enhanced productivity levels, improved employee retention, and a positive first impression of the company. This type of orientation also helps reduce stress and anxiety for new employees, increases their commitment to the organization, and increases productivity, decreasing mistakes.

8. Endorsement of Visa
The Asha international (P) Ltd. Proceed for visa endorsement through the concerned Embassy after receiving the original Visa, demand documents, power of attorney along with the official visa request letter to obtain necessary visa to the candidates.